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H. Vaghela
Area of Expertise: , , ,
Software Skills: ,

Mr. Vaghela has been working on CAD-based projects since 2010 and has been consulting since 2015. He has a mechanical background, and he has been working mainly with civil engineers.
He prepares 2D drawings and 3D models using AutoCAD, Revit, Sketch up, Maya,
Creo, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk 3ds Max, Inventor and CATIA.
He has been providing drafting services for the following:

• HVAC systems, electrical services, plumbing services
• P & ID Diagrams, Isometric drawings
• Fabrication drawings
• 3d modeling services
• Paper to cad drawing
• Miniatures
• Rendering
• Character design and animation walkthroughs
• Furniture design

He provides the following CAD-based services:

• CAD conversions (paper to cad, 2D to 3D, image to cad and AutoCAD to 3d modeling)
• 2D drafting services
• 3D modeling
• Animation
• Mechanism
• Product designing, conceptual designing
• Rapid prototyping services
• MEP(Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) services

In Civil services, he provides:

• Paper to CAD conversion
• Walk-through
• Architect model
• Paper to CAD conversion

The Architectural services that he has been providing includes:

• MEP Services, such as 2d drafting, 3d modeling, rendering service, photo rendering and animation services, renovations and walkthroughs.

He has also been providing the following reverse engineering services:

• He has worked on a binocular project for one of his clients.
• For one of his German clients he has worked on a gun probe design and defined a new design of handle.
• He has also worked on drawings for medical equipment, such as lenses and
lens cover. According to his client’s requirement, he creates a prototype and finalizes the product.
• He has worked on reverse engineering for automotive parts as well.

He has also worked on some of the following:

• Fluid flow/ gas flow meter
• Biometric Scanner (Sheet Metal)
• Spot Welding Fixtures

First the prototype is made ready and approved and then it is sent to the supplier for mass production.

He has been providing manufacturing support services as well, such as:
• Manufacturing of petrol – flammable liquid measuring device
• Casting support services
• Machining support services such as turning services, wire cutting, laser cutting, and water jet cutting services, plastic product – mould design and manufacturing services


P Natesh
Area of Expertise:
Software Skills: , ,

P J Natesh provides drafting and AutoCAD engineering services, including CAD services, 2D drafting and 3D modeling services.    


J. Kocoj

J. Kocoj specializes in 3d shape design for the automotive industry, including 2D drafting , CAD conversions, project management and part development. He has extensive experience in injection mold tooling design.


B. Prajapati

Prajapati has been working on CAD-based projects since 2003. He is skilled in both 2D drafting as well as 3D modelling.

He has mainly been handling commercial building projects for clients. He has worked on projects for corporate clients, registered NGOs and international organizations that focus on school construction projects. From 2015 he has been working for an international NGO involved in projects related to agriculture, forestry, health, education, disability, renewable energy, construction, environment and poverty reduction in Nepal.

His favorite software for 2D drawings is AutoCAD and for 3D visualization he prefers SketchUp, but also creates models in Revit. For 3D visualization, he makes use of SketchUp and Autodesk 3DS Max. For creating animations, he uses Lumion Architecture along with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. He has drafted and put together raster to vector conversions in the past but has been focusing mainly on 2D modelling since 2015.

His favorite project was a cable car project in Nepal. The project aids tourists visiting a temple near Mount Everest. The challenge here was to design standard machinery drawings and to include every detail of the cable car supplier. This involved a great amount of coordination.

He uses Skype, Viber and WhatsApp to communicate with clients when working on a project at a location far from his client.