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M. Robinson
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M. Robinson is currently an independent CAD consultant, a role he has performed since 2005. Mr. Robinson was previously the head of CAD Manager and IT Support at Brownworth Engineering Associates, a leading MEP design company based in the United States, from 1980 to 2008. Mr. Robinson managed a team of 2D and 3D designers (focusing on Revit, BIM and AutoCAD). His leadership and support resulted in over $500 million in annual revenue for Brownworth Engineering. Mr. Robinson started his career as a CAD Draftsman at Brownworth Engineering, and worked there from 1991 to 2008. He was responsible for implementing the use of CAD tools in the company. Mr. Robinson also worked directly with the companys customers, including architects and engineers.


L. Bublik
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L. Bublik is an independent CAD consultant. Mr. Bublik was previously the head of the design and drafting department at a leading Control Valve design company. Mr. Bublik oversaw all design activities for the company and managed a team of 2D and 3D designers (focusing on SolidWorks and AutoCAD). His innovation in Control Valves design resulted in over $200 million in annual revenue for the company. Mr. Bublik started his career as a machinist, when he was responsible for setting up and operating lathes, mills, drill presses and other machine shop equipment. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Interview with Mr. L. Bublik

  1. What kinds of clients do you serve?

    As a mechanical engineer I work with any individuals or companies that need my special design expertise.

  2. What was the most interesting CAD project that you ever worked on? What made it interesting?
    What challenges did you face?

    I recently had a project for treatment tables for hospitals with special design features that were very interesting to work on. Challenges were to find special electric motors and switches for the tables.

  3. Of the software tools that you use, which is your favorite and why?

    SolidWorks is the best and my favorite because it is solid modelling and you can see right away what kind of product you are designing.

  4. What trends are you observing in the market for CAD services? How have these trends affected you, and how are you responding to them?

    Clients try to pay less because of the slow job market; they want more work for less money so I have to accept any reasonable offer.

  5. What do you like about working as an interim CAD draftsman or external CAD consultant working on a time-bound project?

    I like working free-lance because I can have a more flexible schedule.

  6. Have you ever provided CAD consulting services remotely, either via phone, the Web or email?
    Do you use any screen sharing tools (like Webex, Skype, or GoToMeeting), and are they effective?
    What kinds of questions and problems could you tackle remotely?
    Are there any issues that you feel are better handled face-to-face?

    I use Skype for remote meetings and also the phone. Skype is good for design work questions because I can share my screen and resolve problems. If I have customers in my area I meet with them in person.