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A. Rajput
Area of Expertise: , , , ,
Software Skills: , , ,

Mr. Rajput has been handling CAD-based projects as a freelancer since 2015. He has an architectural design background.

He is competent in AutoCAD drafting, raster to vector conversion and Google SketchUp. He also specializes in 3D modelling and uses AutoCAD 3D and Google Sketchup 3D for 3D drawings.

He has been designing for UK-based clients since 2015. Using Webex, SmartDrop and Skype, he has remotely managed and drafted a number of projects for clients in the UK. The most interesting CAD project that he has worked on involved drafting and designing floor plans for a construction company in the UK.


Area of Expertise: , , , , ,
Software Skills:

Das is a CAD professional actively handling complex projects since 2008. He currently provides an engineering plan service.

He sketches and builds models on ArchiCad, handles raster to vector conversion, VectorWorks and MicroStation conversion, Microsoft VISIO conversion, engineered drafting of plans, partial map digitization (GIS) and a lot more. He has drawing and drafting expertise for all aspects of an engineering solution be it architectural, mechanical, electrical or civil. He has been working tirelessly round the clock for clients in Germany and the US since 2013. He is also an expert at GIS fields like digitization and parcel mapping. He has enjoyed a stable relationship with his clients all his career by responsibly maintaining product quality and on time delivery.

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B. Prajapati

Prajapati has been working on CAD-based projects since 2003. He is skilled in both 2D drafting as well as 3D modelling.

He has mainly been handling commercial building projects for clients. He has worked on projects for corporate clients, registered NGOs and international organizations that focus on school construction projects. From 2015 he has been working for an international NGO involved in projects related to agriculture, forestry, health, education, disability, renewable energy, construction, environment and poverty reduction in Nepal.

His favorite software for 2D drawings is AutoCAD and for 3D visualization he prefers SketchUp, but also creates models in Revit. For 3D visualization, he makes use of SketchUp and Autodesk 3DS Max. For creating animations, he uses Lumion Architecture along with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. He has drafted and put together raster to vector conversions in the past but has been focusing mainly on 2D modelling since 2015.

His favorite project was a cable car project in Nepal. The project aids tourists visiting a temple near Mount Everest. The challenge here was to design standard machinery drawings and to include every detail of the cable car supplier. This involved a great amount of coordination.

He uses Skype, Viber and WhatsApp to communicate with clients when working on a project at a location far from his client.