Thank you for your interest in working with Design Presentation Associates, Inc. We are growing rapidly and are constantly looking to hire the best CAD and graphic experts from every region of the world. Most of our associates are based in North America, Europe and Asia, but we welcome applicants from every country. We have vacancies for both full time and part time roles, and also welcome applications from experts who wish to work as hourly consultants.

The form to submit your resume is at the bottom of the page but before you start, please review the following:
There are various roles open to you based on your background and experience, and whether you are seeking a permanent role or a freelance/consulting role.

Please note that the online application is primarily for roles related to CAD, including CAD drafting, modeling, graphics and conversion. If you are interested in other positions, please use the drop down menu in the form to indicate your particular area of interest.

Design Presentation is looking for people who are interested in careers in CAD drafting, modeling and conversion. We hire in the United States and overseas. The form below will enable you to specify which location you prefer. DesignPresentation has subsidiaries in North America, Europe and Asia. DesignPresentation’s goal is to accommodate your preferences where possible, so please select a location that suits your needs.
Application Guidelines

Please submit your resume, along with details of the kinds of skills you can bring to DesignPresentation (CAD drafting, redline changes, 3D modeling, etc.).

Depending on your specific background, you may find that some of these questions do not apply to you. Whenever this is the case, simply select the appropriate option in the response menu and move to the next question.

Design Presentation and its affiliates will hold the information you provide in this application confidential, and will not use the application information for purposes other than consideration of you as a candidate for present or future role within DesignPresentation, or for inclusion in your employment records if you become a DesignPresentation employee, consultant or freelancer. By submitting application information, you acknowledge that DesignPresentation (including all of its affiliates worldwide) will have access to the application information for such purposes, and consent to such use, including transmission of this information to DesignPresentation’s affiliates worldwide.

To submit your resume to DesignPresentation, please click here.