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Contact Us today for CAD conversion, CAD modeling, solar permit drawings, point cloud to CAD conversion, and FREE auto-vectorization (e.g. using automated tools for PDF to DWG conversion).

Design Presentation Associates is a trusted partner for all types of CAD services. We enable you to:

Design Presentation manages a vendor base of trusted service providers around the world with local expertise.

We are a trusted partner of thousands of organizations of all sizes in North America, Europe and Asia.

Our Services

We provide every type of CAD support service, including:
Architectural Bim Services
Detailing Services
CAD support services in the field of architectural design
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Power Sector & Solar Drawings
Power Sector &
Solar Drawings
Accurately digitizing electrical drawings for electric power producers and distributors
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Cad Drafting Services
CAD Drafting
Design Presentation offers a wide variety of CAD drafting services
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Cad Conversion Services
CAD Conversion
CAD conversion, CAD format conversion, CAD design, blueprint conversion, and vectorization of CAD drawings
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Gis Services
We can create as many layers as you require.
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3D Rendering
3D Rendering/Modeling Walkthroughs
We can provide photo-realistic renderings or a low cost basic solution, depending on your budget.
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How we work
  • We provide all types of 2D CAD drafting services and 3D BIM modeling services, including CAD conversion and CAD drafting.
  • Your original source data (scans of drawings, sketches, PDF files, etc.) are used to create new CAD drawings, 3D models and renderings.
  • We will follow your CAD standards and software/data format preferences.
  • We create dimensionally accurate, colored, layered CAD files. Every job goes through a multi-step QC process. Quality is guaranteed.
  • You can send jobs to us via email or one of our secure online forms. We do not accept inputs via mail or courier.
  • The data that you send to us remains confidential and is shared only with trusted staff and vendors. All confidential data is destroyed after a few months.
  • We provide quotations for jobs within 24 hours, usually the same day.
  • Pay via credit card, check or Paypal.
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