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Utility Mapping

A utility map shows the position and type of buried pipes and cables. The utility mapping process involves detecting features like sewers, electric cables, telecoms cables, gas and water mains. Combine this mapping process with a topographical survey and the results will provide you with a comprehensive map of key services hidden underground or connected to any surface features.

Design Presentation is a US-based leading provider of Utility Mapping to Fortune 500 companies, government entities and thousands of small businesses around the world. We can provide a wide-variety of utility mapping services by taking your survey data and creating detailed maps for water pipes, sewerage, telephone lines, electric lines, and gas pipes. Send us the input in any format (e.g scanned images, point cloud data, etc.).

Benefits of using Design Presentation’s services

  • We work with your utility information.
  • Our mapping solutions include a variety of color resolution maps that can be layered and detailed.
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