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PDF to DWG Conversion

There are four types of PDF to DWG conversion solutions:

  1. Downloadable PDF converters that take a scanned PDF image of a drawing and convert it to DWG (i.e. AutoCAD) format.
  2. Online PDF converters that do not need to be downloaded.
  3. Service providers who re-draw plans “manually” from scratch. They generally do not use auto-vectorization software but re-trace the drawings by hand, making adjustments to ensure that distortions in the scanned image are corrected.
  4. When AutoCAD 2017 was released, it became possible to use the PDFIMPORT command to import PDF content directly into AutoCAD drawings. However, if the PDF is based on a scanned image the PDFIMPORT command will result in a raster image file that is attached to the drawing as an xref. In such cases, the raster image will not be editable.

Before we go into the details, let’s make sure that you really to convert your PDF file to DWG. Why not just stick with PDF?

The PDF format has been broadly recognized as an acceptable way to share information when you do not want the information to be easily modified or edited, but PDF drawings often do need to be edited, especially if you want to move different elements into separate layers.

Unfortunately, most PDF to DWG Conversion solutions that involve auto-vectorization software require users to spend considerable time cleaning up the resulting DWG file, and they don’t allow you to put content in different layers. That’s when you need manual PDF to DWG conversion.

Before you rush off to convert your PDF file to AutoCAD, let’s start off with a quick note on how not to do it.

At the outset, it’s worth recognizing that search engines often throw up online converters for CAD conversion tools. These tools are often free, and you get what you pay for.

The quality of any conversion produced using an online tool is likely to be too low for most situations. What’s worse, they can leave you open to loss of intellectual property and other security risks. If you’re still tempted, we’ve provided you with a list of free tools (see below).

We are biased towards manual CAD conversion because we find that the free tools available today are just not good enough for our clients.

Here’s some background on who we are and what we do:

Design Presentation is a US-based leading provider of manual PDF to DWG Conversion Services to Fortune 500 firms, government entities and thousands of small businesses around the world. We can turn PDF files into DWG files with 100% accuracy.

When converting PDF to DWG, we follow AIA layering standards (or yours, if you prefer) and can also accommodate your layering standards. The final output is editable and will be in DWG format because we create the DWG drawing as a new file. We can create as many layers as you require.

We typically generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, and centerlines, etc. Text is separated and can have its own layer and is recognizable as text. Dimensions are intact and are shown by a separate layer.

We believe that we are the leading provider of manual CAD conversion services in the world. Thousands of clients in North America, Europe and Asia have appreciated our high-quality, error free PDF to DWG conversion services.

Contact us today for a free quote. We also offer a free trial to first time users that are satisfied with the results of autovectorization

Here are some of the tools that we can use on your behalf, or you can use them yourself:

  • Able Software – software for advanced image processing applications such as 3D image visualization, processing, rendering, raster to vector conversion for GIS, mapping, CAD data capture
  • Acme Traceart – raster to vector converter, converts raster bitmaps into vector images, supports image formats like BMP, JPG, TGA, TIF, PCX, by DWG Tool
  • AlgoLab Photo Vector – converts color raster images to vector formats
  • Arc en Ciel – makers of R2V Developers’ kit, containing pair of DLLs, full documentation
  • Autotracer – an online tool to convert raster images (e.g. JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs) to scalable vector graphics
  • CADnet – software converts raster images to vector CAD entities
  • CorelDRAW – tool for converting images from raster to vector
  • Draftsman – software that runs inside AutoCAD
  • GTX – several raster to vector products
  • GTXRaster CAD – raster editing, clean up software available for AutoCAD users
  • GTXRaster CAD PLUS – raster editing with batch conversion technology for AutoCAD
  • MagicTracer – tool for converting from raster to vector
  • Mill Creek – developer of RAS/Edit
  • Mimics – software tool for image processing, editing, allows 3D reconstruction from 2D images, useful in applications like FEA, rapid prototyping, surgical process simulation
  • PixEdit – tool for scanning, editing, viewing, printing, converting to vector documents stored in raster format
  • PRISMAscan Convert – converts paper to digital format using ABBYY FineReader technology
  • R2V – raster to vector conversion software for automated map digitizing, GIS data capture, CAD conversion applications
  • RapidResizer – online raster to vector converter
  • Rasterex – raster to vector conversion software for technical document viewing
  • RasterVect – raster to vector conversion program converts uneditable scanned paper drawings into accurate vector files for editing in any CAD program
  • Raster to Vector Software – converts scanned drawings, maps, raster images into vector files
  • RxSpotlight – cleaning up drawings, converting scanned drawings into CAD, AutoCAD 2011 DWG compatible
  • RxAutoImage – turns scanned drawings to vector information, turns AutoCAD into GIS hybrid editor
  • Scan2CAD – raster to vector solution, also converts vector files such as PDFs for CAD
  • Trix Systems – fast automatic paper to CAD (raster to vector) conversion from scanned images or image files to DXF, IGES, other CAD vector formats, demo software downloadable
  • Vector Magic – software tool for converting bitmaps or raster images to vectors
  • VectorNow - raster to vector converter, converts BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPG images into editable DWG/DXF files
  • Vectorizer – online tool for converting raster images like PNGs, BMPs, JPEGs to scalable vector graphics
  • Vextractor – software for converting drawing, maps, other images from raster to vector format
  • VIDAR Systems Corporation – large format scanner hardware, software
  • Visual Integrity – offers vector to vector or raster to vector conversion tools
  • VPHybridCAD – raster-to-vector conversion software with hybrid editing technology
  • WinTopo – software for converting TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP files, scanned images into useful vector files suitable for CAD, GIS, CNC applications
  • WiseImage – 2D standalone, raster to vector conversion software for Windows with raster editing, drawing revision features