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Underfloor Heating & Cooling Drawings

Underfloor heating and cooling achieve indoor climate control using conduction, radiation and convection. The shape of the piping used to circulate hot or cold water under the floor varies in each situation. Therefore, it’s important to have a drawing in advance of the actual installation. Having a CAD drawing allows you to utilize space efficiently, prepare a quotation and install with minimal hassle. For example, drawings can help you figure out the most appropriate length of piping. This helps you to minimize wastage, optimize spacing between pipes, and identify the most suitable location to house the manifold and pump. The design will also provide a guide for installers, reducing time required to install the system.

However, creating a drawing for radiant floor heating or cooling requires CAD skills that are not always easy to find. That’s where Design Presentation comes in. Design Presentation is a US-based leading provider of Underfloor Heating & Cooling (UFHC) Drawings to leading radiant heating/cooling installation companies.

If you can provide us with the zone drawings, manifold locations, floor plans, floor sections and preferred method of design (tacker, clip rail, plates, etc.), we will provide you with accurate UFHC drawings.

We can produce UFH or UFC drawings with any kind of pattern and floor material. Based on the information received, we will provide detailed construction drawings showing pipe layout (with required length and density). We will also provide you with heat loss calculations and heating output.

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