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Design Presentation offers a wide range of  CAD services, including design development, blueprints, building plans, construction documents, as-built drawings, and mechanical, electrical, electronic and plumbing drawings. We work on different platforms, including high-end popular CAD program suites such as AutoCAD Revit, IDEAS, UniGraphics Pro-E and CATIA. We can handle design projects in any of these platforms. In addition to this we have translator software to convert from one format to the other. From 2D drafting to 3D modeling, we can undertake any project with confidence and deliver it according to your requirements.

Our clients enjoy the following benefits through our CAD services:

  • Availability of professional CAD experts
  • Considerable reduction in software costs
  • Safety and security of information
  • Extremely competitive projects can be delivered in 24 hours
  • Increased profitability
  • Overnight service


1. CAD Layer Standards Creation, Review and Implementation
We can help create, review or implement AutoCAD standards, and can help to customize the layers to any standard that best suits your needs (AIA, custom, etc). We can also help produce a template for your organization if you do not already have one that contains layers, dimension styles, text styles, plot settings and organization of settings.

2. CAD Quality Control
We can review files for layer standards (e.g. layers, text styles, dimension styles and blocks).

3. CAD Manuals/Training
We have extensive experience in producing CAD manuals and documents and also providing training to staff. This could be done via webcam or onsite in your office (depending on location and time required). We can produce a custom training manual for you to achieve the desired training that will provide every user with a clear, concise outline of their standards and implementation methods.

4. AutoCAD Civil 3D
This is a program used by civil engineers, land planners, some transportation planners and other “site”-related design. We have significant experience in the use of this software for land planning. We have used this for site analysis primarily, and have analyzed slope, run off, cut/fill info and some preliminary road alignments, and profiles from existing grade conditions.

We have also written a Civil 3D training manual that a major US architectural firm implemented to their firm-wide standards.

5. Revit/ BIM modeling
Revit and BIM are going to be the next industry standard and will eventually replace traditional AutoCAD. It is imperative to get into this market. In fact, in Australia, it’s already being used extensively and is being used by all the big firms in the US now. Unfortunately, conversion from AutoCAD to Revit is very tedious; it is not a “neat” switch and requires many man hours of work to translate an entire building/project from CAD>Revit. We have experience using Revit for architectural projects and site design.
We can also produce a basic Revit/BIM training manual for your organization.

6. Preliminary Site plan design and review.
We provide general consulting services on site layouts. We can advise on the locations of buildings, roads, sidewalks, open space, parking, etc.

1. Land Use Forms
These may not exist for every project, but in some jurisdictions there is a form that needs to be filled in to apply for a new type of land use, and then filed with City Planning Commission, Department of City Planning, community boards, borough presidents, The City Council and other interested parties.

Review of Procedure and also Produce
A “doing business data form” must be submitted with all land use applications. We can find the necessary forms and help you fill them out and submit them. This can be a lengthy process that would most likely require multiple submittals and reviews.

Here is a list of forms that could be required in a single jurisdiction:

  • City Map Change
  • Zoning Map Change
  • Zoning Text Amendment
  • Zoning Special Permit
  • Zoning Authorization
  • Zoning Certification
  • Public Facility Site Selection or Acquisition
  • Disposition of City-owned property
  • Urban Development Action Area Designation or Project
  • Urban Renewal Project / Housing Plan and Project
  • Major Concession
  • Revocable Consent
  • Landfill
  • Franchise / Modification of Previously Approved Actions / Other

2. Land Use Maps
Land use maps provide information on existing conditions of a site/area. They provide data about the what type of “use” is on a parcel of property which includes residential, commercial, automotive, community facility, parks, vacant land, vacant buildings, industrial sites. This may vary a little per locality but in some jurisdictions this is considered standard information.

3. Review of Planning Codes
Design Presentation can assist with researching the necessary planning codes (zoning, FAR, land use) for the town or municipality of the project. We can provide a document that will outline specific local rules that apply to the project.

4. Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Research
Floor area: The floor area of a building is the sum of the gross area of each floor of the building. excluding mechanical space, cellar space, floor space in open balconies, elevators or stair bulkheads and (in most zoning districts) floor space used for accessory parking that is located less than 23 feet above curb level.

The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is the principal building regulation controlling the size of buildings. FAR is the ratio of total building floor area to the area of its zoning lot. Each zoning district has an FAR control which, when multiplied by the lot area of the zoning lot, produces the maximum amount of floor area allowable in a building on the zoning lot. For example, on a 10,000 sq. ft. lot in a district with a maximum FAR of 1.0, the floor area of a building cannot exceed 10,000 sq. ft.

5. Zoning advice: We provide advice to clients regarding maps, permitted uses, FAR, dwelling unit data, open space required (when and where applicable), lot coverage, and parking required.

6. Preliminary site analysis.
Design Presentation provides general consulting services on site layouts. We can advise on all aspects of site analysis, including the locations of buildings, roads, sidewalks, open space, and parking.

7. Demographic research/Census data research.
We have extensive experience in researching local data for projects using the US census on behalf of planners. This database provides information such as population, median household income, race, age, gender and education.

1. General Autodesk Revit:
We can help you convert an AutoCad-based office into a Revit-based office. This includes the complete management of central and local files, coordination, integration and connection of linked files from different disciplines such as Architectural, Structural and MEP Files. This also includes Family Creation, Schedules, Quantities & Materials Takeoff BIM Modeling, and Construction documents

2. Revit MEP Specifics:
Design Mechanical Air & Piping systems; Plumbing, Fire protection and Electrical systems. Layout Sizing, Inspecting and checking MEP systems.

3. Sketch Up Support:

Sketch Up Models, Photo match Models, Component Creation, Google Earth Upload Models. Importing and tracing CAD files to convert 2D CAD files into 3D Sketch Up. Creating Presentations with LayOut Tools

We at Design Presentation specialize in CAD services. Our team of skilled CAD experts employs the latest standards to provide the best possible output. If you need help with your CAD drawings or designs, please contact us today for a free quote!