Drawings for Small Cell Data Sites

Drawings for Small Cell Data Sites

Small Cell sites are low-powered cellular radio access nodes that utilize available spectrum by re-using the same frequencies multiple times within a geographical area. Small Cells also support in-building and outdoor wireless services. By properly designing Small Cells, cellular operators can expand their service coverage and/or enhance network capacity.

Design Presentation is a leading provider of Small Cell Design and Drafting services. We offer the following Small Cell Design and Drafting Services:

  • Desktop Route Analysis
  • High-Level Designs (HLD)
  • Low-Level Design (LLD)
  • Stick Diagrams
  • Single-Line Diagrams (SLD)
  • Splice Diagrams
  • Construction Package
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials


Cad Drafting Services for Small Cell Data Sites

Small cell data sites link the network websites nearest to users. Small cells sites are a important tool for boosting cellular coverage. In the past cell towers were the only way for wireless carriers to send wireless signals to their customers. A cell tower’s coverage footprint could span up to five miles, enabling carriers to reach hundreds of potential customers. Unfortunately, cellular coverage from a tower can vary depending on your location, what type of building you are occupying or even landscape. Small cells augment the capacity of cell towers and improve cell performance. Carriers use small cells because of their compact size, energy efficiency, low cost and ability to work in high-traffic, high-data demand city requirements.

The installation of small cell data sites requires the preparation of engineering drawings, but the skills for preparing these drawings is sometimes hard to find. That’s where Design Presentation comes in.

Design Presentation is a leading CAD drafting firm based in New Jersey and serving clients worldwide. We supply CAD drafting solutions for architectural and engineering companies, as well as with small cell carriers. We have a team of over 150 skilled draftsmen who can handle the preparation of drawings for architects, engineers and contractors who handle small cell data sites. We work around the clock to maximize our clients’ efficiency.

If you need help with the preparation of drawings for small cell data sites, use the Get-A-Quote form at the top of the page to submit the details of your small cell site project. We’ll get back to you with a quotation as soon as possible.