Rooftop Solar Drawings

Rooftop Solar Drawings

Design Presentation is a leading provider of residential and commercial Rooftop Solar Drawings, including Solar PV installation design and drafting services. We serve solar installers and contractors by providing them with solar panel layout drawings. We prepare permit drawings for rooftop solar panel installation companies and commercial Solar Developers. We can also convert a scan of a hard copy planset into a fully editable CAD version.

We can handle the prepping of permit packages from start to finish for submission to AHJ’s. Usually our client will do the physical site survey, and we then follow up with all the design and drafting necessary to submit a complete package to AHJ’s throughout the USA.

We not only prepare solar permit drawing layouts, be we can also provide you with a complete solar permit package of permit drawings including cover sheet, SLD or 3 line, electrical calculations, placards and racking details. Our solar permit drawing team has many years of experience with rooftop installations with detailed measurements for obstructions, fire setbacks, array locations, conduit path, junction boxes, mounts and rails. We follow local AHJ and HOA requirements and guidelines.

We have extensive experience in designing of residential and commercial rooftop solar systems. Our team has in depth knowledge of AHJ and utility requirements so that we can ensure that you remain in compliance with local codes.

We tailor our designs based on the different city and county codes and regulations, allowing for a smooth submittal the first time. We appreciate the time sensitive nature of a solar installation, so we work quickly and efficiently to get the designs done. Our solar drafting service has grown rapidly over the past few years and we are expanding to be a green design center, moving from solely solar designs to electrical and water preservation. We are honest, accurate and strive for outstanding customer service. We excel in quick and precise designs and building relationships with our clients as well as your installation jurisdiction. We are committed to minimizing total installed cost by offering inexpensive submittal sets that reduce material and labor expenses.

Design Presentation a leading provider of Solar PV installation Design and Drawing Services. We have a extensive experience in designing of residential/commercial solar systems. Our team has in depth knowledge of AHJ and HOA requirements and are well versed with various codes and compliances. We are very much focused on associating with solar installers and contractors in the U.S. to bring in better productivity on the Solar Designs and Engineering Drawings.

We design and draft complete Solar Permit sets which include the site plan, roof plan, attachment details, Solar Battery Backup Systems, Grid-Tied Solar Systems, and electrical calculations (NEC codes) 1-line & 3-line diagrams, conductor calculations etc… along with structural array sections, point load calculations. We also understand the various AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction) and HOA (Home owners association) requirements / guidelines and has been working using varied static and dynamic blocks and templates. The effectiveness of solar panels depends on the direction of sun exposure, for this we do 3D shading analysis and calculations to ensure the proper positioning of the solar panels. We prepare all kinds of Solar Panel Layout drawings, right from the site plans to the mounting planes, conduit layouts and structural calculations.

We typically provide a 24 hour turnaround to our regular clients. With the help of 3D imagery, we locate the specified address and the rooftop where the solar CAD panel has to be installed and accordingly make layouts for proper positioning of solar CAD panels.

Our prototype layouts set a frame in the mind of the installer and give an idea for dotting the solar panel in the right direction as well as in proper dimensions. Further, the capacity and total energy output of a particular solar installation project can be easily determined by our designing layouts. We are able to perform on electrical (single and 3 line diagrams) and structural design calculations (to identify the per square foot load a building can take). Our solutions not only help in managing the installation requirement of clients, but also solve the problem of budget to a great extent.

We are committed to deliver professional quality designs by our 3-level quality checking and the best possible service to all our clients.

PSA (Preliminary Solar Assessment) is an easy way to understand to explain the details and quantity of solar panels.

We provide installation layouts for roof-mounted solar panels and possess extensive experience in such projects from certified panel installers. Our dedicated solar panel detailing team has the capabilities for creating preliminary, permit and installation drawings for residential as well as commercial buildings. Our rich experience in this field has enabled us to develop and evolve a custom procedure for panel detailing aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the team involved.

We provide solar design and drafting services to the world well-known solar installers. We understand your jurisdiction, standard and permit requirements along with regulatory and building code requirements for each city or local authority.

We make sure your permit set passes without any back and forth using best industrial solar drafting practice. An installer needs to control cost in the today competitive market and one solution is partnering with us for all your solar drafting and design requirements at an economical cost with the fastest turnaround time.

We help an installers focus on installation while providing a low cost design solution that meets jurisdiction requirements specific to each local authority, with no compromise in quality and delivery commitments.

We understand your jurisdiction requirements, standards, and building codes.

  • Low cost and quick turnaround, normally 1 working day.
  • Level 2 quality control.
  • We provide complete permit set submittal to the authority having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
  • We stay cost competitive by using our templates developed specifically to states and counties.
  • We do load, wire and string calculation as per NEC standards.
  • We can quickly adapt your standard and method for PV permit sets.
  • Solar design and drafting require fire set back calculations and we understand those as per your state regulatory requirements.

With our rich experience in engineering design drafting, layout design along with expertise in template generation and standardization, we are well equipped to address the needs of the solar energy industry.

Our team studies and understands the need and scope of each individual project theoretically, and develops a solution that addresses the project requirements practically. The following services are offered for the preparation of solar panel templates:

  • Site plan with roof
  • House photo and vicinity map roof plan
  • Attachment detail drawings
  • Front and side views of mounting planes
  • Line diagram
  • Survey plan
  • 3D rendered views for rooftop panel layouts

Proposal Drawings

We provide accurate proposal documents for solar installers, and generally within 24-48 hours. We just need the address of the locality and we will create the proposal drawings for you.

Permit Drawings (On-Grid & Off-Grid)

We provide PV permit and installation design drawings for residential PV systems. Our designs meet the national electric codes (NEC) and local municipality standards. We are proficient in Flush Roof Mount, Tilt Roof Mount, Non-Penetrating Roof Mount, Ground Mount, Micro-inverters etc.

We design and draft complete Rooftop Solar Drawings and Permit sets which include:

  • Title Page
  • Sheet index
  • Governing Codes section
  • Vicinity map, parcel map, aerial view
  • Description of the project
  • PV Layout
  • Locations of all major components and equipment
  • Attachment point spacing
  • Point loads
  • Conduit runs
  • Solar PV array location and dimensions
  • Mounting Method
  • Elevation of attachment method
  • Racking and mounting hardware
  • Structural sections
  • Wiring Diagram
  • 3-line wire diagram
  • Wire and conduit sizing
  • String / Branch circuit sizing for DC and AC systems
  • Grounding details
  • Interconnection method (breaker, line-side splice, subpanels, etc.)
  • All electrical calculations
  • System specifications
  • Signage
  • All required placards
  • Specifications of placard physical sizes
  • Specification Sheets
  • Solar Modules
  • Inverters
  • Racking
  • We also understand the various AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) and HOA (home owners association) requirements / guidelines and have been using varied static and dynamic blocks and templates.

    We can help you with shading analysis calculations to ensure the proper positioning of the solar panels.

    Design Changes/Revisions

    Changes occur in the proposed solar system many a times. Design Presentation can step in at any stage and can provide the required changes in the Rooftop Solar Drawings. We can work on changing racking, electrical equipment, mounting planes, etc.

    As-Built Drawings

    As-built drawings show how the system was actually installed and reflect any changes made to the design during installation. As-built Rooftop Solar Drawings provide a record of how the system was actually installed.

    To produce the as-built drawings we require either the hand sketch of the changes made during the installations or photographs so that we can amend the original Rooftop Solar Drawings.

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