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A. Ali (India)

Software Skills:

A. Ali is an Interior Designer and 3d modeler. He is an expert in AutoCAD, and provides drafting, designing and 3d modeling services. He has a certificate in interior designing from CRISP and 3ds Max with V-ray.

Interview with Mr. A. Ali

1. What kinds of clients do you serve?

All kinds of companies that require machining of car parts. I design car or industrial part machining lines, including design of special machines, fixtures, transfer lines, FMS lines and multi spindles.

2. What was the most interesting CAD project that you ever worked on? What made it interesting? What challenges did you face?

Design the metalic car parts production & machining lines like the Peugeot 206 & 504 pivot and rear arme, the Renault drive shaft, a KIA Motors cylinder block and head, and EF7 motor cylinder block & head and brake disk lines.

3. Of the software tools that you use, which is your favorite and why?

Mechanical Desktop , because it has very powerful 2D. And Catia software , because it has very powerful 3D, analyse, and CAM. Also, Master CAM and Powermill.

4. What trends are you observing in the market for CAD services? How have these trends affected you, and how are you responding to them?

The latest technologies enable us to finish projects quick and easy.

5. What do you like about working as an interim CAD draftsman or external CAD consultant working on a time-bound project?

I can work both on site and remotely.

6. Have you ever provided CAD consulting services remotely, either via phone, the Web or email? Do you use any screen sharing tools (like Webex, Skype, or GoToMeeting), and are they effective? What kinds of questions and problems could you tackle remotely? Are there any issues that you feel are better handled face-to-face?

Face to face is best, and after that is email. Skype is last because my net connection speed is not good.

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