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P. Patel (India)

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Patel has been drafting and designing since 2008. He has been actively involved in product development for a number of companies. The 3D models and simulations that he creates are further used to estimate actual weight and area of objects, lookout of objects and manufacturing time.

He has constructed 3D models and simulations for aircraft test equipment and test stands, models for aircraft and industrial load banks, packaging solutions for the pharma and pesticide industries, design drawings for food and dairy. He has fabricated drawings for brewery, cosmetics and all types of gear boxes, design models for industrial hoists and cranes, packaging solutions for hydroponic fodder systems and models for bellows expansion joints in cross country pipelines. He has produced drawings for heat exchangers, pressure vessels and tanks, hydraulic solutions, foundry and furnace industries and ceramic industries. Working as a CAD professional on these projects, he has gained confidence in his skill as a CAD engineer.

He feels that the projects he found most interesting and challenging were for:

  • a military Maintenance Repair and Operations services (UAE),
  • a state-owned aerospace manufacturer (China),
  • a worldwide hydraulic systems engineering services specialist (Netherlands),
  • a detention center (USA),
  • a not-for-profit financial cooperative (USA),
  • a leading developer of IT systems for the aviation industry (USA).

According to Mr. Patel, one of the most interesting projects that he has worked on was the designing of large generators for which he received help from engineers of Indian Space Research Organization. He feels that the most challenging job for him was to join two large drive bases.

His favorite tools are AutoCAD for 2D, SolidWorks for 3D, CreoFusion360 and Inventor.

According to Mr. Patel, there is an increasing demand for CAD-based projects that require 2D drafting, isometric drawings, schematic diagrams, 3D modelling, simulation, animation, surface modelling, sheet metal work, weldment, piping and routing and analysis.

He typically works remotely and communicates via email. He also uses Skype frequently and finds it very effective, although he says sometimes it’s difficult to handle troubleshooting on Skype due to file size and formatting limitations.

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