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Solar Drafting Services for Solar Permit Drawings

C. Ong
Area of Expertise: , , ,
Software Skills: , , Other Softwares: SHETCHUP PRO

C. Ong is currently an independent design and CAD consultant, and has a degree in architecture. Mr Ong advises clients on preparing schedules (from design stage to construction documentation) and getting city permits. He is an expert in the use of Autocad, Sketchup Pro, Illustrator, and Photoshop. He has extensive experience in the development of drawings for custom homes, track homes, commercial buildings, and multi-family residential buildings.


T. Mifsud
Area of Expertise: ,
Software Skills:

T. Mifsud is a CAD consultant providing services to architects, engineers, builders , construction managers, and facility managers. He provides a range of CAD services, including implementation, standards and best practices development, training, project support, CADDBIM management and 3D BIM modeling services. He has extensive experience with Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, Navisworks and AutoCAD. He is based in Southern NH which allows him to provide daily on-site services for clients in all 6 New England states. He has extensive real world experience in AEC-FM and CADDBIM management.


All project are challenging in different ways but the two main challenges are: unrealistic schedules and trying to meet our clients’ expectations

I use AutoDesk Suite and Revit. Pros and cons are too much detail to go into.

Training is ongoing. I have a program for our staff called “sharpen the saw” days, i.e. for 4 days a year (scheduled as work permits for the individual) each person or group selects a specific topic, researches/studies and develops a presentation for the benefit of the entire staff.

We don’t outsource anything in our skill set but do outsource to IT and web content/development consultants

Interview with Mr. T. Mifsud

  1. 1. What kinds of clients do you serve?

    We serve architects, construction managers, facilities manager for CAD, REVIT and BIM and our particular areas of expertise are training, implementing software, support services, library development, standards development.

  2. What was the most interesting CAD project that you ever worked on? What made it interesting?
    What challenges did you face?

    I work with and support many clients on their projects so there isnt one stand-out that I could describe as the most interesting.

  3. Of the software tools that you use, which is your favorite and why?

    REVIT Architecture is my favorite software and I teach classes in it It makes everything easier than 2D AutoCad.

  4. What trends are you observing in the market for CAD services? How have these trends affected you, and how are you responding to them?

    Over the last 5 years the trend in New England has moved totally away from drafting in 2D AutoCad. We anticipated this trend, moved ahead of our clients and now work primarily in 3D BIM.

  5. What do you like about working as an interim CAD draftsman or external CAD consultant working on a time-bound project?

    I like not being tied to one desk and the challenge of constantly changing projects.

  6. Have you ever provided CAD consulting services remotely, either via phone, the Web or email?
    Do you use any screen sharing tools (like Webex, Skype, or GoToMeeting), and are they effective?
    What kinds of questions and problems could you tackle remotely?
    Are there any issues that you feel are better handled face-to-face?

    Ive been using remote software for 6-7 years. The one I prefer now is TeamViewer because it is good for remote support, training, teamwork whereas others we have tried are not as quick or flexible. Working remotely with clients is good for handling all types of questions. For comprehensive introductory training of 2 hours or more its preferred to have a face-to-face meeting.


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