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Y. Sharma

Y. Sharma is a provider of Design Support Services, focusing on the following activities:

  1. Civil/ Structural Engineering:

    Provides Design, Analysis, Drafting & Detailing services for: a. Industrial Structures like Plant Buildings (both RCC & Steel Structures), Compressor House with EOT Cranes, Substation Buildings with Transformers, Control Rooms, Workshop Buildings, Pipe & Cable Racks, Conveyor gantries & Transfer towers, Stack like structures like chimneys, flare stacks, Static & Dynamic Equipment Foundations, Cooling Tower Basin & Pump House. b. Utilities: like Water Supply Systems with Surface & Ground Water, Roads, Drainage & Sewerage Storage Reservoirs. c. Building Structures: like Healthcare Buildings, Hospitality & resort Buildings, Educational Buildings, Commercial & Retail, Residential Buildings & Complexes. d. Steel Detailing: Also works on Tekla (X-Steel), Strucad and Autocad, and can produce Shop drawings, Fabrication drawings, Rebar details, Erection/ Field Drawings, material take offs and As-built drawings.

  2. Architecture:

    Provides the following services: a. Schematic Design b. Design Development c. Construction Documentation d. As-built, Record & Shop Drawings e. 2D to 3D (BIM) Conversion. Works on 2D Software like AutoCad and BIM Software like Revit and have experience of working on Healthcare, Education, Commercial, Retail, Mixed Use, Residential & Industrial projects.

  3. Mechanical Engineering:

    Provides Design, Analysis, Drafting & Detailing services for Bulk Material Handling.


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