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ArchiCAD Conversion

Archicad, a CAD software tool that facilitates the creation and flexible editing of diagrams, models and designs, is a market leader in BIM software. It was developed by architects specifically for the construction sector to provide much more intuitive design tools compared to traditional CAD packages. Many of the more progress construction firms are making the switch from to Archicad, which is driving the demand of ArchiCAD conversion services.

Design Presentation is a leading provider of CAD drafting, conversion and modeling services, based in the USA but with thousands of clients around the world. ArchiCAD conversionĀ  is one of Design Presentation’s specialties.You can us send your input data in any form (vector files, sketches, scanned images in jpg, tif, imp, gif), and we’ll convert them to ArchiCAD, usually within 48 hours, and faster if required.

Design Presentation provides ArchiCAD conversion services to architects, civil engineers or drafting companies who may have a large number of paper drawings and want them converted into ArchiCAD for archival purposes. Upon receiving the scans of drawings, we convert them into ArchiCAD format, sometimes even overnight.

Design Presentation’s Archicad conversion team can redraw old architectural designs or create new ones. We can provide you with the following:

  • Easy and systematic management of CAD drawings
  • Better document and product data management
  • Accuracy and high quality of drawings
  • Reduced risks of damage or loss of data

To get started, send us your input files and we’ll provide you with an up-front quotation on the complete project.

Design Presentation is the leading provider of ArchiCADconversion services for customers around the world. Our team includes ArchiCAD experts, and our goal is to build long term outsourcing relationships with our clients. We use the latest version of ArchiCAD software and our aim is to provide excellent quality at a low price. So contact us today for a free quote