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M. Fitzgerald
Area of Expertise: , ,
Software Skills:

M. Fitzgerald is a consultant and trainer in the area of CAD, Drafting and Illustration. He specializes in the following activities:

  1. Architectural & Mechanical Drafting, including plans/elevations/sections/details, sketches to working drawings, as built surveys of existing structures, or mechanical parts using AutoCAD Scan to PDF, JPG, or TIFF for mark-up, or true reverse engineering, (i.e., re-drawing existing plans to AutoCad-dwg files).
  2. Architectural and Mechanical Renderings: traditional 2D, or 3D renderings of plans/elevations, or pen and ink illustrations.
  3. Site Visits (New York, or New Jersey) for onsite measurements of existing conditions and digital photography of sites.
  4. Providing AutoCad layouts, for “Retrofit jobs, new designs, and “As-Built drawings”.
  5. Providing “Graphic Conversions” for use in dynamic linking software, required on customer sites and for sales presentations.
  6. Assisting Design Engineers & Field Technicians by providing them with AutoCAD, drawings and “As-Builts”.
  7. Graphic conversions of Acad drawings to Windows Metafile drawings and to Micrographic Designer drawings and conversion from Bentley MicroStation to Acad drawings.
  8. Assisting Account Managers (Sale force) by providing them with full size printouts of project, & pre-bid drawings.
  9. Providing training in architectural terms, drafting techniques, AutoCAD skills for architectural work, technical writing skills, & minor mathematics for use in the architectural /engineering fields.
  10. Providing manual/hand drawings and CAD drafting (Personal Designer Cad software) working with concrete construction layout drawings.
  11. Manual drafting (pencil layouts), working with mechanical drawings from engineering and field personnel.

D. Hilton
Area of Expertise: ,
Software Skills:

D. Hilton has over twenty-five years graphic design experience on Macintosh and PC platforms using primarily InDesign, Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat and Microsoft Office. As an architectural and structural draftsperson, she is also adept at preparing plans, details and as-builts from client sketches and specifications using AutoCAD 2011. Ms. Hilton can prepare (2d) cost-effective photographic mock-ups of architectural structures. She is experienced in creating creative websites using CSS, HTML and Dreamweaver.

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  1. Describe a project that was particularly challenging. What was challenging about it? What was the solution and what results did you achieve?

    I draw floor plans of existing homes for my husband who makes scaled birdhouses. The challenging part is that I often don’t have any dimensions to work from, so I have to interpolate the footprint and door and window sizes from photographs. I generally use standard sizes to get the best approximation.

  2. Which CAD software programs do you find the most useful for the kind of work that you do?

    AutoCAD 2011

  3. What are the pros and cons of the various CAD software programs that you use?

    I only use AutoCAD. I use other programs for other purposes, like Adobe products for graphic design.

  4. How do you keep yourself up-to-date with the various developments in your field of work?

    I read on-line articles and talk to colleagues. Also, help forums for help.

  5. Which new skills have you acquired in the past year? What new skills do you plan to acquire in the future?

    Just keeping up with the new features in the software is a full-time job 🙂

  6. Are there any kinds of activities that you feel are better to outsource or subcontract than to do yourself?


  7. Send us some samples of your work, in any format (DWG, PDF, JPEG, DXF,etc.), along with a description of each sample.

    Attached is a set of drawings for a structural engineer. Also, see my website of examples:

  8. Testimonials you would like to send us from your existing customers.

    I have never asked for any.