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Telecom Construction Drawings

Telecommunication companies regularly require Telecom Construction Drawings. For example, when wireless telecom towers are upgraded or modified, these changes need to be recorded in the engineering records of the operator.

Typical project inputs may include the following:

  • Radio Frequency Data Sheet (RFDS)
  • Previous construction drawings or sketches(in any format, e.g. PDF, DWG JPG)
  • Site photographs
  • Site walk report
  • Library of telecom objects to be used in the telecom construction drawing
  • Standard construction drawing template in CAD format/li>
  • Legends and symbols to be used in the telecom construction drawing
  • CAD standards to be used

After you collect the above information, you can then convert them, or get them converted, to CAD. There are many companies that specialize in this, including Design Presentation.

Need help?

Design Presentation (DP) is a leading provider of telecom construction drawings for the telecom tower industry. We prepare CAD drawings for towers and their foundations, considering not only the environmental load conditions that must be endured (wind, ice, and seismic loads), but also safety, equipment availability and local terrain. We can provide a set of engineering drawings that summarizes the design of the tower, foundations, layout of cabinets, arrangement of antennas, microwaves, co-axes, cables routing.

DP has an established team of highly qualified professionals with extensive international experience in the telecommunications industry with the ability to customize the site designs. Our CAD experts provide optimal layout design based on site conditions, Radio frequency requirements and architectural constraints. We have an extensive library of tools and symbols that can be readily used for the preparation of drawings.

We prepare design documents for construction of mobile and wireless telecommunication sites for various service providers. We provide designs for newly constructed towers and existing towers. Support in adding supporting device for antennas and cables can be provided. Bill of material can be prepared for all the projects. Providing tower and equipment support designs for concrete foundations and concrete slabs are one of our main features. We can support work on a variety of sites such as lattice towers, light poles, multi-operator pylons/transmission towers, High Voltage pylons/transmission towers, churches, water towers, chimney towers and roof top towers (commercial and residential buildings).

Various sets of drawings are required as a roll-out takes place:

  • Pre-lease drawings
  • Lease drawing package
  • Build permit application package
  • Environmental permit application package
  • Site-specific detailed design
  • Site-specific stealth design
  • As built package

Design Presentation’s services include:

  • Addition of driving directions from the nearest international airport to the site location
  • Verification of existing drawings vis-à-vis the actual site
  • Cross verification and update of RFDS based on site walk reports
  • Modification of the construction drawings based on on-site photographs
  • Update and highlight additional changes and modifications not present in the existing drawings

We have established a reliable process for design changes in drawings for wireless telecom towers. We can can create drawings using standard templates, our own existing format or your unique format. We can provide you with detailed CAD designs throughout the design phase, working hand-in-hand with your designers to ensure successful completion of every step of your telecom project. Whether you’re looking to install small data sites, update antennas, or integrate low voltage systems and fiber optic routes into your building, DP’s telecom drafting service team can support you. We can provide roof details, elevation details, antenna and dishes drawing layouts for buildings to ensure that the mobile tower installation can be done accurately.

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