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Telecom Construction Drawings

Telecommunication companies regularly require Telecom Construction Drawings. For example, when wireless telecom towers are upgraded or modified, these changes need to be recorded in the engineering records of the operator. Someone needs to collect and digitally record the on-site information, and then send these survey inputs along with photographs to get them converted to CAD. That’s where Design Presentation Associates comes in.

Typical project inputs may include the following:

Previous construction drawings in .DWG format or PDF format or as Hand sketches
Site photographs
Site walk report
Any other technical documents, if required
Library of telecom objects to be used in the construction drawing
The standard construction drawing template in DWG format with the appropriate title block
Legends and symbols to be used in the construction drawing
Information required for developing the drawings in CAD like the object library, CAD standards to be used, and so on, as may be required to deliver the agreed scope of work

Design Presentation offerings:

Addition of driving directions from the nearest international airport to the site location
Verification of existing drawings vis-à-vis the actual site
Cross verification and update of RFDS based on site walk reports
Modification of the construction drawings based on on-site photographs
Update and highlight additional changes and modifications not present in the existing drawings

We have established a robust system where we process design changes in wireless telecom towers efficiently and quickly. Our years of experience of working with telecom operators from the different region of the world helps us understand the country-specific standards prescribed by the local regulatory bodies. DP can create quality drawings using standard templates on CAD platform, our own existing or preferred design environment. We also have platform integration capability through APIs.

Telecommunications involves the facet of transmitting and delivering the content of a message. In today’s ever-evolving digital world, communication is at the forefront of every transaction and interaction we encounter. DP’s extensive history of telecom services has provided us with ample experience in designing upgraded telecommunication infrastructures, in both residential and commercial areas. Our telecom drafting services include managing design requirements, establishing building plans, and meeting the technological needs of each individual client.

If you’re in search of a reliable telecom drafting service, look no further than DP’s expert solutions. Our attention to detail and commitment to industry trends puts us ahead of other leading outsourced solutions. We offer detailed CAD designs throughout the design phase, while managing your design needs throughout the process. DP works hand-in-hand with your designers to ensure successful completion of every step of your telecom project.

Whether you’re looking to implement small data sites, install updated antennas, or integrate low voltage systems and fiber optic routes into your building – DP’s telecom drafting services are the perfect solution. Our proficiency with related design platforms, paired with our knack for effective management and design solutions continually brings project success. At DP, our success is measured by our client’s satisfaction. Reach out to our expert team today to inquire about our unique and effective solutions.

We provide roof details, elevation details, antenna and dishes drawing layouts for buildings so that the mobile tower installation can be done accurately with optimum use. Our redrafted layout benefits our customer’s financial plan. Using the latest CAD systems, our engineers redraft plot layouts, distribute clear construction drawings and accurately document work at every stage of the project.

Telecom infrastructure design

DP provides innovative, competitive and top quality site designs to Telecom tower site industry. We design customized foundation of towers as per the site requirements. Every tower design and foundations are done according to local standards. We consider not only the environmental load conditions that must be endured (wind, ice, and seismic loads), but also considers the safety of the construction personnel and equipment availability, local terrain, and suitability of the structure for the proposed application.

Each tower is provided with a set of engineering drawings that succinctly summarizes the design of the tower, foundations, layout of cabinets, arrangement of antennas, microwaves, co-axes, cables routing, etc in a detailed manner as it can be executed

Our expertise

DP has an established team of highly qualified professionals with extensive international experience in the telecommunications industry with the ability to customize the site designs as per client requirements. Our CAD experts provide optimal layout design based on site conditions, Radio frequency requirements, architectural constraints and customer choices. We have inbuilt library of tools, symbols and language that can be readily used for the preparation of drawings. In-house software for scheduling and delivering projects on time is used.

Our Capabilities

We prepare design documents for construction of mobile and wireless telecommunication sites for various service providers. We provide designs for newly constructed towers and existing towers. Support in adding supporting device for antennas and cables can be provided. Bill of material can be prepared for all the projects. Providing tower and equipment support designs for concrete foundations and concrete slabs are one of our main features. We have worked on a variety of sites such as Green field (lattice tower, lightpole, monopole, multi-operator pylons).H V pylon, Churches, Water towers, Chimney towers, Roof top towers (commercial and residential buildings).

The network roll-out takes place in the following phases:
Pre-lease drawings
Lease drawing package
Build permit application package
Environmental permit application package
Site-specific detailed design
Site-specific stealth design
As built package

Given all the challenges, you need to look out for smarter ways to build your business and processes. Outsourcing is one of the biggest facilitators of business efficiency. Get the right kind of acceleration that you need – outsource your telecom engineering needs to DP, a leading provider of mechanical engineering services in the telecom industry. Our experience, expertise and excellence in the industry have made us a preferred outsourcing service provider for telecom engineering services. Leverage our cutting-edge technology and make the most of outsourcing.