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L. Sharma
Area of Expertise:
Software Skills:

Sharma provides engineering services to structural steel and pre-engineered steel builders. He has worked with churches in the US and a company involved in digital electronic equipment, construction material and car accessories equipment.

When serving clients in the US, he works according to the building code standards of MBMA and AWIS. Since building code standards change from company to company based on their production capability, so he collects their standards during the course of a project. In this way, he easily adopts their standards during the preparation of GAD’s (general arrangement drawings), which he then uses for creating fabrication drawing. A fabrication drawing is further used to create shop drawings. Based on such shop drawings, he creates a component list in the form of a shipper (i.e. equipment lists for the logistics service provider).

On the basis of a company’s standards and approved drawings, he prepares shop, fabrication or component assembly drawings and bills of materials (BOM’s) or shippers. He mainly uses AutoCAD, TEKLA and MS Office to prepare these documents.

With respect to pre-engineered buildings (PEB’s), he handles all types of complexity, such as high bay and low bay combinations, fascia, bypass and flush conditions, mezzanines, cranes and crane walkway platforms, staircases, sunken slab mezzanine cut outs, canopies, screw downs and floating roof systems.

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Electrical Plans and Panel Layouts

G. Raileanu
Area of Expertise: , , Other Expertise: Cfd And Fea Analysis
Software Skills: ,

Mr. Raileanu has over twenty years’ experience in CAD-based solutions designing aluminum and steel machinery, fabrication drawings, processing and part designing.

He creates designs for HVAC systems. He has designed in the following areas:
• metal fabrication
• processing and part design
• drafting and MS Office
• 2D & 3D geometry creation and manipulation
• mechanical & sheet metal structural design
• product engineering and mechanical design

He has been working with AutoCAD since college days, however he works mainly on SolidWorks to design heat and ac frames, sheet metals and enclosures. He has worked with AutoCAD since 1989, however in 2004 he discovered SolidWorks and since then he has been designing 3D models and drawings only with SolidWorks. As a proficient user of SolidWorks, he believes SolidWorks has the best user interface and intuitive, reliable FEA (Failure Effects Analysis) features.

Since 2017, he has been working with a world-class manufacturer of dehumidifiers in Georgia. He has been designing and developing innovative products and production systems to support engineering requirements. He has been using SolidWorks extensively for all product designs, weldments and frames, work assemblies and subassemblies and creation of job fabrication binders for manufacturing team members. This includes all necessary part files, bend drawings, appropriate dimensional data, general overview layout, exploded views of critical component assemblies.

Since 2016, he has been working in another company, in development of anatomically-precise 3D and 4D surface imaging systems. He works with R&D products, responsible for creating and maintaining any CAD documentation required by sales, and developing detailed engineering drawings for system design, components, cabling, and prototyping 3D printing products.

From 2015 to 2016, he also provided CAD support for a pallet rack manufacturer in Georgia that offers a full range of services from design to installation of storage solutions for many industries and materials. He designed layouts and drawings for estimating, approval, permitting and fabrication.

One of his most challenging projects was one that required him to design and build a video electronic enclosure that had to be light and also appeal to specific customers in that field (medical devices). The challenges were to make it less heavy than the previous design, to fit all electronic components required, to have a good maintenance access and to look visually appealing.

He built a mobile dehumidifier unit with a small footprint to fit other competitors design, easy maintenance access, sturdy, structurally safe, outdoor proof and easy to maneuver. He also brought some new concepts to the design to challenge the competitors’ design, such as less energy consumption (less welding) and ability to stacking during shipping or storage.

He feels that the best thing about working as a CAD draftsman is that he gets to work from home.

He uses Skype and phone to communicate with clients. He shares his screen with clients for a variety of different purposes. He also uses Webex and GoToMeeting as he finds these tools to be very effective between people at different locations. He thinks they solve most of the issues related to projects. When required, however, he also meets clients face to face. He does not believe that issues can be solved only by face-to-face meetings, but in certain situations where a personal approach is required face-to-face meetings may be more appropriate.


G. Palaskas
Area of Expertise: ,
Software Skills:

G. Palaskas is a Civil and Structural Engineer, and has carried out structural design of several residential and industrial concrete and steel buildings, including churches. Mr. Palaskas has been involved in designing timber constructions, such as flooring and roofing in residential buildings and has successfully delivered structural design of large buildings (residential complexes, hospitals, office buildings) and bridges. Mr. Palaskas has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Structural Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Earthquake Engineering.


S. Mulay
Area of Expertise: ,
Software Skills:

S. Mulay is an independent CAD consultant, focusing on mechanical design and drafting activities (primarily drawings for static equipment, storage tanks, structural, architectural).

  • Provides basic engineering and preparation of engineering & fabrication drawings and checking of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, storage tanks (cone roof, dome roof, external and internal floating roof tanks, double wall tanks, mounded bullets).
  • Prepares design and development plans, including schedules and activities.
  • Designs equipment in PVElite and Codecalc 2006/08, using EXL sheets and standard engineering practices.
  • Prepares mechanical data sheets and design calculations of equipment such as pressure vessels and storage tanks with review of basic documents such as the process flow diagrams, piping & instrumentation diagrams, and process data sheets.