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J. Bhoopathiraju
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Mr. Bhoopathiraju has been designing CAD-based projects since 2000. He is a certified electrical engineer. He has been designing mainly on AutoCAD for the US and Germany-based clients. He believes that his planning and organizational skills, along with problem-solving attitude with a competence in industry knowledge has helped him carve a successful career.

He has been working in data conversion for German clients on AutoCAD and Revit. He has an established clientele that’s consistently growing and a built up reputation due to providing quality professional services in the field of CAD.

With a proven track record of working with architects, engineers, manufacturers and individuals, he welcomes partnering with businesses at every stage of his career in CAD-based development.

He provides the following CAD-based services:
• Map Conversion
• GIS and software development for international clients, keeping to highly demanding time schedules.
• AutoCAD designing and drafting.

He has been working as a CAD analyst and CAD engineer with companies in India since 2000.
Since 2012, he has been working in Hyderabad as the Project Lead for a company that provides multidisciplinary services such as CAD, CAM, map conversion, GIS and software development for international clients.

Since 2009 to 2012, he has been with a major provider of environmental and infrastructure support services as a Senior CAD analyst.

Since 2000 to 2009, he has been a Senior CAD engineer for a software company in Hyderabad.
Of all the projects that he has worked on, the most interesting CAD project that he has ever worked on was the one where he had to work for hospital and hotel building services. It includes HVAC, electrical and plumbing service with coordination.

His favorite software is AutoCAD. He likes the filter command most, and likes to use it to search any object in a sheet easily.

A few of his favorite projects are as follows:

He worked on a project for an Institute in Taiwan for twelve months on AutoCAD. His role involved preparation of all general arrangement and rebar shop drawings, preparation of site plan, survey layout and scheme with coordinates.

The challenge was to maintain and control the documents of drawings and submission to the client, which he successfully carried out.

For another project, he worked for commando facilities in Afghanistan. He worked for three months on AutoCAD. His role included drafting in CAD, electric light plans, telecommunications networks, automatic fire detection systems and HVAC fittings plans. He was involved in designing a site with required buildings.
He worked for a Project on architectural plans, elevations and sections. He designed using AutoCAD 2000. The role involved editing and finalizing.

He worked on a project for a company in Germany where he had to design using Auto CAD 2000. His role included editing and finalizing. This was an architectural project consisting of floor plans, elevations and sections. He processed these drawings indicating walls, windows, and doors. The text was designed in German. The layer names for the objects were also in German. He also processed room-polygons to easily find an area by using AutoCAD List command.

For a project in Parcel Mapping (GIS), he worked for a client from Italy. He designed using AutoCAD. His role involved editing and finalizing. He was involved in the preparation of parcels, roads and water bodies. The drawing were converted from image format to vector format. He designed using AutoCAD MAP 2004 and Wagis2002. He performed the conversion, editing and finalizing.

He has worked on a project for San Antonio Water System for two months. He was involved in drafting with a team. He prepared overview sheets, plans, sections, cross sections, longitudinal sections of sewer line in AutoCAD and Civil 3D.


H. Vaghela
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Software Skills: ,

Mr. Vaghela has been working on CAD-based projects since 2010 and has been consulting since 2015. He has a mechanical background, and he has been working mainly with civil engineers.
He prepares 2D drawings and 3D models using AutoCAD, Revit, Sketch up, Maya,
Creo, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk 3ds Max, Inventor and CATIA.
He has been providing drafting services for the following:

• HVAC systems, electrical services, plumbing services
• P & ID Diagrams, Isometric drawings
• Fabrication drawings
• 3d modeling services
• Paper to cad drawing
• Miniatures
• Rendering
• Character design and animation walkthroughs
• Furniture design

He provides the following CAD-based services:

• CAD conversions (paper to cad, 2D to 3D, image to cad and AutoCAD to 3d modeling)
• 2D drafting services
• 3D modeling
• Animation
• Mechanism
• Product designing, conceptual designing
• Rapid prototyping services
• MEP(Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) services

In Civil services, he provides:

• Paper to CAD conversion
• Walk-through
• Architect model
• Paper to CAD conversion

The Architectural services that he has been providing includes:

• MEP Services, such as 2d drafting, 3d modeling, rendering service, photo rendering and animation services, renovations and walkthroughs.

He has also been providing the following reverse engineering services:

• He has worked on a binocular project for one of his clients.
• For one of his German clients he has worked on a gun probe design and defined a new design of handle.
• He has also worked on drawings for medical equipment, such as lenses and
lens cover. According to his client’s requirement, he creates a prototype and finalizes the product.
• He has worked on reverse engineering for automotive parts as well.

He has also worked on some of the following:

• Fluid flow/ gas flow meter
• Biometric Scanner (Sheet Metal)
• Spot Welding Fixtures

First the prototype is made ready and approved and then it is sent to the supplier for mass production.

He has been providing manufacturing support services as well, such as:
• Manufacturing of petrol – flammable liquid measuring device
• Casting support services
• Machining support services such as turning services, wire cutting, laser cutting, and water jet cutting services, plastic product – mould design and manufacturing services


A. Dabholkar

Dabholkar has been working on CAD-based projects since 1997. He is a qualified mechanical draughtsman.
He has been working as a CAD expert for many companies in India. He is competent in AutoCAD-2D, SolidWorks, Revit 2009, ArchiCAD 11 and Vico Constructer. He is also proficient in Microsoft – Excel, Word, Power Point, CorelDraw and Photoshop.
He began working for CAD-based projects as a Senior CAD-draughtsman for an engineering services company where for three years he communicated with clients regarding their queries, scheduled and checked drawings prepared by a drafting team. He was working on electrical substation designs, electrical layout drawings, general arrangements, earth mat layouts, clearance diagrams, erection key drawings, protection drawings, structural drawings and architectural drawings.
He then started working as an AutoCAD designer for another company providing engineering-fabrication and construction services to construct heavy industrial Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB). Here, he worked on PEB structural drawings, general arrangements, fabrication drawings and erection drawings for four years.
He then worked with a company trading, distributing and supplying bundle note counting machines. Here he worked for six years on note counting machines, mainly drawings and detailing of clamper assemblies, cam assemblies, rotor assemblies, fabrication drawings and machine assemblies.
Then he worked as a mechanical draughtsman for a company that manufacturers automobile parts, components and hard chrome plated shafts in India. Here he worked for two years on component drawings, detail drawings, assembly drawings of portable irons, portable fans, table fans, ceiling fans, rotors and stators.
He then worked as a mechanical draughtsman for an Indian multinational company engaged in design, manufacturing and marketing of products related to power generation, transmission and distribution. In the fan division of the design department he worked for three years on designs of fans, assembly drawings, detail drawings, component drawings, fan end shields, blades, rotors, stators and blade alignments. In the Machine Division of the design department he worked on designs of submersible pumps, component drawings of fans, end shields, main bodies, rotors, stators and shafts.


D. Colley

D. Colley is a CAD Designer and an AIDT certified Pipe Fitter, with extensive experience in architectural, civil, electrical and piping designs. He works with multiple materials including plastic, wood, metal, glass, cement, ceramic, fiber, leather and paper, and prepares drawings and topographical and relief maps used in civil engineering projects, such as highways, bridges, pipelines, flood control projects, and water and sewerage control systems. He also provides the following services:

  • Developing specifications and instructions for installation of voltage transformers, overhead or underground cables, and related electrical equipment used to conduct electrical energy from transmission lines or high-voltage distribution lines to consumers.
  • Calculating mapmaking information from field notes, and draw and verify accuracy of topographical maps.
  • Preparing detailed working diagrams of machinery and mechanical devices, including dimensions, fastening methods, and other engineering information. SOS Drafting Inc. Mobile, Alabama 09/2011 to 11/2011 CAD Technician
  • Reading/interpreting civil site plans and convert technical information into working drawings.
  • Drafting electrical detailed drawings of fiber optic cable above and below ground systems.
  • Drawing maps, diagrams, and profiles using cross-sections and surveys to represent
  • elevations, to topographical contours surface formations and structures.
  • Locating and identifying symbols located on topographical surveys to denote geological and geophysical formations.
  • Reading/interpreting blueprints, schematics, plans and plots
  • Preparing detailed drawings of architectural designs and plans for buildings and structures according to specifications provided by architect.
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Architectural Drafting
  • Unit manipulation and limits relationships using CAD
  • Visualization of objects
  • Manual 2D drafting in geometric construction, dimensioning, sketching, detail drawing and lettering software Mr. Colley has an Associate of Applied Science Degree, Computer Drafting and Design, and specializes in Materials and Processes. He works with the following software tools: AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk Revit, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Architectural Desktop 2007, Microsoft Works, AutoCAD 2008-2012.

A. Sulskis
Area of Expertise: , , ,
Software Skills:

Sulskis has been working since 2001 on CAD-based projects. He is a qualified mechanical engineer with a master’s degree from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.
Mr. A. Sulskis has extensive experience in SolidWork, including 3D modeling of plastic parts, metal parts. He also provides surface modeling services and FEM analysis. He has worked for over fifteen years for a company that develops and produces devices for electricity measurement and control applied in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. He works on electronics and electrical product designs. He designs for small companies who do not have their own mechanical engineer.
He has designed plastic cases (produced by injection molding), enclosures for electronic and electric devices and product conceptual designs. He feels that the most interesting project that he has worked on was creating a finger print access control with touchscreen panel. It represented the latest equipment and technology, and was something new for him. The challenge was to make the device compact and attractive to the consumer.

He is skilled at creating 2D drawings, 3D models and renderings. His passion is aviation and he has an abiding interest in 3D modeling of aircrafts and sailplanes. He has specialized in aviation components, electrical designs, fixtures and furniture designs, machine designs, construction and industrial designs.

He works mainly on SolidWorks because he finds it suitable for modeling, drawing and rendering. He is also competent in AutoCAD, Autodesk Fusion 360 (for 3D), Bentley MicroStation (for 2D and 3D designing), DraftSight for (2D design and drafting), KeyShot (for 3D rendering), Onshape and Parasolid.
Mr. Sulskis enjoys working on time-bound projects as he likes to find the best technical solution and implement it.

He uses e-mail or Skype to provide CAD consulting services to clients located overseas.


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