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3D Walkthroughs and Virtual Tours

3D Walkthroughs and Virtual Tours

A 3D walkthrough is a kind of virtual tour that simulates the experience of traveling through a defined area. It is typically made by through a sequence of photographs or renderings that when run in sequence look like a full motion video of a location. Walkthroughs enables you to visualize an existing or planned facility as you move within or around it.

3D walkthroughs are very popular in the real estate industry. Several types of such tours exist, including simple options such as interactive floor plans, and more sophisticated options such as full-service virtual tours. An interactive floor plan shows photographs of a property with the aid of a floor plan and arrows to indicate where each photograph was taken. Clicking on arrows shows the user where the camera was and which way the camera was pointing. Full service virtual tours are usually created by a professional photographer who will visit the property being sold, take several photos, and run them through stitching software. Full service 3D walkthroughs are usually more expensive than interactive floor plans because of the expense of the photographer, higher-end equipment used, such as a digital SLR camera.

Design Presentation’s 3D walkthroughs allow you to visualize your concepts in greater detail. We can give you a 360-degree view and take you through elevations, plans and cross-sections, thereby enabling you to visualize the final structure.

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