Assembly Drawings

Assembly Drawings

Assembly drawings show how components of a system, kit or building fit together. They may include, orthogonal plans, sections and elevations, or three-dimensional views, showing the assembled components, or an exploded view showing the relationship between the components and how they fit together. Assembly drawings may include instructions, lists of the component parts, reference numbers, references to detail drawings or shop drawings, and specification information.

Preparing assembly drawings requires specialized CAD drafting skills, which are not always easy to find. That’s where Design Presentation comes in. Design Presentation is a US-based leading provider of Assembly Drawings conversion services to Fortune 500 companies, government entities & thousands of small businesses around the world

p>Design Presentation has skilled CAD technicians who can prepare Assembly Drawings that depict how individual components are joined or bolted to form complete assemblies. The final drawings that we prepare include all details for fabricating the assembly (i.e. the number of assemblies, BOM, references, etc.). Clients approach us for a number of reasons.

These include the following:

  • To redline existing components to reflect design changes and verify the functionality of the final assembly
  • To reverse engineer and produce component drawings from the assembly drawings
  • To undertake 3D engineering in a program such as SolidWorks
  • To archive manufacturing data
  • To convert format from one CAD program to another (to conform with a manufacturer’s requirements)

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