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Fiber Optic Route Surveys and Construction Drawings

The installation of fiber optic infrastructure requires detailed fiber optic route survey drawings that describe the type of communication systems required, the geographic layout, the transmission equipment to be used, and the required fiber optics network, as well as terrain details, obstacles, and quantities

Fiber optic survey drawings and construction plans are essential to the success of the project, but the skills required to produce these drawings are not always available. That’s where Design Presentation Associates comes in.

Design Presentation provides the expertise needed in construction plans for trenching, coupling, backfilling, fiber optic cable pulling, and fiber optic cable termination. DP is a leading provider of CAD drafting services for architects, engineers and builders and is well qualified to handle fiber optic route surveys and construction plans.

We use CAD software to prepare drawings for fiber optic cable networks using our clients’ data (e.g. a geographic map or a geospatial survey). We use geographic information systems (GIS) mapping software, aerial imaging, and CAD software applications (e.g. AutoCAD MAP, AutoCAD Civil 3D) to facilitate visualization and planning of new fiber optic infrastructure projects and route adjustments.

If you need help with the preparation of drawings for Fiber Optic Route Surveys & Construction projects, use the Get-A-Quote form at the top of the page to submit the details of your project. We’ll get back to you with a quotation as soon as possible.