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Preparing Manufacturing Production Drawings

Preparing Manufacturing Production Drawings

We prepare and produce Manufacturing Production Drawings, such as assembly drawings, Bill of Material (BOM) and parts lists. We use a wide variety of CAD software (AutoCAD, Catia, Pro-E, Uni-Graphics, etc.).

  • We take various qualities of inputs from clients. Most clients send us sketches or blueprints.
  • We analyze these inputs and develop part drawings to produce a 3D solid model (assembly drawing).
  • At this stage we then obtain client approval and make any modifications as required.
  • Thereafter, we undertake production drawings and bill of materials.


We have expert knowledge in the preparation of Manufacturing Production Drawings for the toy, automotive and various specialist mechanical assemblies and components. Like many of our clients, we are ISO9001 compliant, understand the need for accuracy and reliability, and take pride in the quality of our output.

To get started, you can scan your sketches and upload them on our website (using our “Get a Quote” form). We’ll get back to shortly, usually within a few hours, with a response.