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AutoCAD Digitization

Design Presentation’s team of AutoCAD wizards are experts at AutoCAD digitization to simplify the editing, storage, and retrieval processes. Over the past two decades, we have supported the growing need for digitization of our global clientele, which includes Fortune 500 companies as well as thousands of small businesses. Today we are one of the leading providers of CAD digitization services in the world.

Design Presentation, based in the USA, offers economical, reliable and error-free  AutoCAD digitization. Send us you files (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF etc) and we will digitize them into any AutoCAD output format of your choice (DWG, DGN, DXF etc).

Why choose us?

  •  We assure 100% accurate Auto CAD digitization.
  •  Overnight delivery.
  •  A wide range of services and formats to choose from
  •  ISO 9001:2000 certified.
  •  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Send us your project today and see the results for yourself.

When converting physical drawings into digital format, most people convert them into raster images. Once you have converted a physical drawing into a scanned image, the next step is to convert the scan into AutoCAD vector format (i.e., a DWG file). Vector format allows you to edit your drawings and make any changes that you want.

Autocad digitization has many benefits:

  • Allows room for changes (unlike raster format images)
  • Improves efficiency and reduces costs
  • Enhances performance and adds value
  • Reduces risk of damage and loss

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AutoCAD Digitization (Portfolio Samples)

We can convert any original architectural or engineering document to a perfectly accurate and multi-layer AutoCAD file.

Companies and clients are becoming more reliant on precise digital formatting of their blueprints or CAD drawings, and Design Presentation has thousands of clients around the world who rely on us exclusively for their digitization needs.

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AutoCAD Digitization Samples
AutoCAD Digitization
AutoCAD Digitization
AutoCAD Digitization
AutoCAD Digitization