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Error-free CAD Conversion

Design Presentation ensures Error-free CAD Conversion by not relying on Auto-Vectorization software. We retrace each drawing manually from scratch. We can convert any original CAD document to a an error-free electronic CAD drawing. Design Presentation specializes in error-free CAD conversion. Our specialized CAD conversion techniques can make your engineering, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or architectural designs look professional, and our experienced CAD conversion specialists can turn around your job overnight.

Design Presentation will give you the best CAD conversion and CAD format conversion results. If you send us a scanned image of a drawing, we can process it and have it sent back to you overnight. Hundreds of clients regularly use our error-free CAD conversion services to improve speed, quality and cost.

Error Free CAD Conversion Work (Portfolio Samples)

Input Output
CAD Conversion Sample1 - Before
Error free CAD Conversion Sample1 - After

We understand how important it is to on point at all times, which is why we guarantee 99.99% accuracy in the final output of all your projects.

Input Output
CAD Conversion Sample2 - Before
Error Free CAD Conversion Sample2 - After

DesignPresentation offers its clients error-free conversion of scanned drawings into accurate fully editable, multilayer DWG, DXF (DGN or any other CAD formats).

The advantages of using Design Presentation’s error-free CAD conversion services are:

  • The final output is editable and will be in DXF, DWG or DGN formats (we re-create the drawing as a new file).
  • We will create as many layers as you require. We can generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, and centerlines.
  • Text is separated and has its own layer.
  • Dimensions are intact and are shown in a separate layer.
  • We use blocks for different entities (doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, etc.).

Design Presentation has many years of experience in CAD conversion, CAD format conversion, and CAD vectorization.

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