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Design Presentation present an wide variety of data conversion services to supplement Geospatial Technology Applications for Automated Mapping/Facilities Management (AM/FM) projects and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

These services include:

  • arrowleft Raster-to-vector conversion, time taking works like drafting corrections, updates and geo-coding
  • Database designing and modeling
  • Spatial Analysis and query
  • Building of rule-based feature connectivity models
  • Re-mapping of facilities on a land base into different coordinate systems
  • Integration of map features and attribute data from multiple and sometimes conflicting sources and documents
  • Development of digital land base maps; inclusive of plan metric, topographic, and cadastral features.
  • We have the knowledge base and the expertise to implement AM/FM & GIS systems on a variety of software     platforms: Intergraph, ESRI, Smallworld, AutoDesk, and Bentley Systems etc. We can work with any software     specified by our clients for specific jobs.

AM-FM stands for Automated Mapping and Facilities Management. It is a subset of GIS, and is often required by public utilities involved in electric, gas, water and telecommunications. AM-FM usually refers to the GIS software that digitalizes, manages and analyzes the utility network data.

The two main components of AM-FM are the graphical component and the database component. The graphical data deals with data that can be represented graphically in shapes and geometrics. The database component has to do with the storage of the assigned data for the process of digitization. An advanced AM-FM system provides digital maps along with cost cutting and time saving tools.

An AM-FM system’s architecture depends on the requirements specified by a public utility. The requirements are generally set standards of the industry and rarely need any changes. A good AM-FM evolves with the changes in the industry.

Design Presentation specializes in providing AM-FM services to support public utilities.

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