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Parcel Mapping

A precise map outlining land parcel possession is one of the most important elements of a Geographic Information System (GIS). The cadastral map is a crucial tool used for the assessment of land values for tax purposes. The GIS user can inquire about a range of features in a short period of time by using a digital format that is linked to an evaluation database. The value of this mapping influences the confidence the user has in investigation results.

A “parcel map” shows how to divide a property into smaller parcels. In certain situations, there is a limit to the number of parcels that can be produced by using the parcel map process. Usually, around four residential parcels can be created with a parcel map. Landowners who own properties, and want to create small parcels, use the parcel map process to do so.

The main purpose of a parcel map is to facilitate the identification of the location of a land property in relation to public ways and adjacent properties. Parcel Mapping is used by planners, assessors, and engineers as it provides a construct to aid in the evaluation of a proposed subdivision, compliance to local zoning or expansion of municipal utilities. Therefore, a parcel map is one of the most convenient tools to spot the location and parcel identification number of a property.

At DesignPresentation, our GIS experts execute Parcel Mapping projects using the latest techniques and technology. Our methodology for Parcel Mapping is as follows:

  • Conversion of traditional paper maps (or analog maps) into digital GIS data layers.
  • Vectorization of parcel data so that GIS software distinguishes between data elements elements such as lines, points,   and polygons.
  • Manual digitizing from analog maps
  • Scanning with further “heads-up” digitizing or automatic vectorization
  • Coordinate Geometry conversion (COGO);
  • Positioning property corners with GPS.

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