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Thematic Mapping

Design Presentation is one of the leading companies offering thematic mapping services along with other mapping support and data mapping services.

Thematic mapping refers to the formation of maps that accentuate detailed characteristics of a specified geographic area. Thematic maps can be of different kinds, where the themes can be allocated colors.

Thematic Mapping is appropriate for exhibiting composite data in an easily understood format.

The various kinds of themes that can be created are as follows:

1. Ranges

This theme segregates the data on the quantity of ranges defined. The user can denote the colors to be used with each particular range unit.

2. Pie Charts

In the pie chart theme, the pie is created out of each specified field. This kind of theme is generally used when evaluating values and studying the amount of share each field has in the entire group.

3. Individual

This theme is used to generate matter where each individual value is given a unique color. This kind of thematic map is used when mapping a large dataset and trying to find out parallel values.

4. Graduated

Themes are generated on the basis of a single symbol that varies in size to signify relative value.

5. Dot Density

In this, the theme is produced in the form of a collection of dots. Each dot corresponds to a certain value and the numbers of dots gives an idea of the population.

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