CAD Services Immersive Video Stitching Service

Immersive Video Stitching Service

An “immersive video” (also known as a  “virtual tour” or “video tour”) is a time series of photographs of a real world scene, where the view in every direction is repeatedly photographed using a special type of camera. As the camera moves through the scene, it continues to take pictures of the view in each direction. The pictures are then “stitched” together to create a seamless panoramic view at each moment. During playback the viewer can use a mouse to control the direction of view (up, down, sideways); this provides the feeling that the viewer is immersed in an environment, and can travel through this virtual world at will.

Immersive video is used extensively for college tours and in the real estate and hospitality industries. Google’s StreetView is another well known application of immersive video tours.  Several types of such virtual tours exist, including simple interactive floor plans, and more sophisticated full-service virtual tours. An interactive floor plan displays photographs of the interior of a building organized according to a floor plan, with arrows to show where each photograph was taken. Full service virtual tours essentially a series of panoramic views taken from a moving vantage point.

DesignPresentation can take your photographs, stitch them together and create an immersive video tour.

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