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Construction Drawings

Design Presentation provides construction drawings to the construction industry. Construction drawings facilitate a chronological description of each phase of construction.

We provide CAD services in the following areas:

  • Presentation drawings: layouts, contour mapping.
  • Shop drawings/ working drawings: doors, cabinets, and small portable structures.
  • Master plan drawings.
  • Product drawings.

Benefits of outsourcing your construction drawings to Design Presentation:

  • Our Construction Document Services team aims for 100% precision.
  • Significant reduction in overhead expenses.
  • We have a strong team of professionals who have years of experience in construction drawings
  • On time delivery.
  • Reduced completion time for engineering processes and thus higher productivity.
  • Flexible and tailor-made solutions.

How Design Presentation works:

  • Review your sketches
  • Offer cost effective solutions
  • Prepare drafts of the construction documents/drawings according to our proprietary process
  • Deliver the final drawings through E-mail, FTP, our automated online workflow system or CD/DVD

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Construction Documents Samples
Construction Documnets Input Samples
Construction Documnets Output Samples