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3D scanning to 3D modeling

A 3D scanner is a device that analyzes a real-world object to collect data on its shape. The 3D scanning data can then be used to develop a digital, three dimensional model. A 3D scanner can produce set of coordinates that collectively represent the surface of an object (i.e. a 3D model). These points can then be used to determine the shape of the object.

There are many 3D scanning technologies that are used to digitally acquiring the shape of a 3D object. There are essential two types of 3D scanning devices: contact and non-contact 3D scanners. Contact 3D scanners probe the subject physically. For example, a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is a kind of contact 3D scanner.  Non-contact 3D scanners typically some kind of light to probe an object.

The process of “3D scanning to 3D modeling” is analogous to the process of “raster to vector conversion”. The only difference is that “3D scanning to 3D modeling” is a 3D conversion process, whereas “raster to vector conversion” is a purely 2D process.

Design Presentation can take the output of your 3D scanner, and convert it into a 3D model (using Solidworks or Pro-E). Contact us today for a free quote!