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BIM Services

Design Presentation is a leading provider of Building Information Modeling services. We serve thousands of architects, builders and engineering firms around the world.

Software Expertise:
Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft Archicad, Bentley BIM and Microstation Triforma

Building Information Modeling is the creation of a 3D virtual information model of a structure or interior. BIM includes the development, management, and presentation of BIM data to all users in the lifecycle. It synchronizes inputs from architects, engineers, contractors, developers, manufacturers and owners.

Design Presentation provides BIM services at any phase in the design cycle. Our models are delivered in our clients' specified format, ensuring coordination and compatibility for all end-users. Our BIM deliverables are in a CAD neutral format.

The data extracted from a Building Information Model (BIM) is multi functional. It can be used for the following purposes:

• 2D CAD drafting
• 3D Renderings and modeling
• CAD interoperability support for engineering coordination.
• Accurate complex building geometry, interior spaces, and construction sequencing.

Benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM):
• BIM facilitates  Building Lifecycle Management
• Acts as a digital design change management tool
• Saves time and money
• BIM provide up-to-date and reliable information of the project design scope, cost information, and schedules.
• Increased accuracy
• Mitigates risk through real time conflict detection
• BIM also helps to decrease construction costs and costs for quantity surveys.

Building Information Modeling represents a major breakthrough in the architectural industry. Because a BIM model operates on a digital database, a change made in one view is reflected throughout the entire drawing automatically. This syncs everyone involved in the project and therefore helps improve communication and quality.

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