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CAD Consulting Implementation Services

DP Associates partners with organizations seeking efficient, targeted CAD expertise. Our CAD experts are available for phone-based consultation, remote work or onsite work.

We provide access to CAD expertise for a wide range of organizations, including architectural firms, engineering firms, construction companies, aerospace companies, energy companies, automotive companies, and government departments. We can connect you with essential and timely CAD expertise that can lead to understanding the technologies and issues that determine your business' success.  

Our staff can connect you to CAD expertise, drawing from a broad pool of CAD specialists, including leading CAD consultants from around the world. Providing knowledge on large-scale issues down to the most niche and esoteric, our CAD experts range from domestic and international CAD specialists to graphic designers, engineers, programmers and architects. Through our online systems, you connect to a network of top-tier professionals, whose CAD expertise can help you solve your most challenging CAD issues.

  • BIM/Architectural Detailing
  • CAD Conversion
  • Mechanical/Product Drawings
  • 3D Rendering/Modeling/Walkthrough
  • 2D CAD Drafting
  • Power Sector Drawings
  • 2D CAD Drafting
  • Power Sector Drawings
  • Mr. D. Bryson
    Mr. D. Bryson began work in machining and metalworking in Canada in 1981, becoming a world recognized journeyman tool and die maker in 1985.
  • Mr. I Ivanov
    Mr. I Ivanov is a civil engineer with extensive experience in the field of construction and proficient in AutoCad, as well as programs such as Sap2000 and Etabs.
  • Ms. L. Nawab
    Ms. L. Nawab is a qualified architect.
  • Mr. R. Orille
    Mr. R. Orille is an expert in software tools such as Revit, Google Sketchup, 3D Studiomax and AutoCAD.
  • Mr. A. Barranco
    Mr. A. Barranco is a technician for automation of hydro-pneumatic and technical machinery Minera-Civil Caterpillar systems.
  • Mr. C. Anywanwu
    Mr. C. Anywanwu is a GIS Specialist. Mr. Anyanwu’s recent projects include the following: 1. Mapping and creating a GIS database that represents the geographic location of retail outlets across Lagos and integrating operational sales data from an MIS database into a GIS environment.