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Caricature Drawings

Caricature Drawings by experts at Design Presentation! Caricature drawings at Design Presentation are customized, one-of-a-kind illustrations of people, objects and pets, which make for a great gift and can be used as part of an invitation. Capture the expressions, habits and faces of your loved ones with the caricature drawings by experts. Celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and wedding with the caricature drawings. The custom made caricatures drawings are artwork of the experts at design presentation, who can transform a photograph/sketch into a humorous looking sketch. The caricature drawings produced are highly realistic with the person depicted in a very humorous state surrounded by their family, toy etc. Caricatures also add a style to the walls of your home or office. Check out our incredible work of art and uniquely created caricature drawings.

Caricature Drawings (Portfolio Samples)
  Caricature Drawing Sample  
Line Caricature Patch Caricature 3D Caricature

Above are the three types of caricature that can be produced by DesignPresentation. If you have any particular style; feel free to contact us.

Caricature Artists at Design Presentation can sketch distinct features from photographs or hand sketches creating quirky and colorful caricature images.We can also custom design the caricatures, highlighting any feature, situation or outfit you like. All we need from you is a photograph (clear close-ups are the best) or a hand sketch and a description of your requirements and we’ll send your caricature drawings in any format of your choice.

The caricature artists at Design Presentation are well focused and clear of achieving the original fine art created to your order. Not just work of art but expression of thought and surroundings: that’s how we define caricatures.

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