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Convert PPT to Word

Design Presentation is one stop shop for all your data conversion (including PowerPoint to MS Word, PDF to Word document conversion) needs. We believe in giving you the best services at reasonable prices, within your stipulated time limit.

Design Presentation undertakes the conversion of data from one format to another. We support over 300 different formats and can convert your original document into any format of your choice. Design Presentation understands how to perform document conversion services in the most efficient way to give you error free file.

Why to convert PowerPoint to Word format?
• PPT file size is large due to graphics and pictures inserted. Rather than sending these file through mail you can send a   simple word document to anybody.
• Often we create presentations for official purpose which needs approval or inputs from our colleagues. Here most    important part is the content of the ppt file. So word document is the easy way to get content edited/approved.
• In school or colleges, instructors use presentations to teach the class and have discussion among students. Students   like to print these presentations for ‘notes’ so that they need not waste time in writing while the presentation is done.
• In offices, we often attend meetings on various topics which require taking notes and discussing later. Employees in   sales, marketing, human resource department are familiar with time consumed in taking notes while attending such   meetings.
• The method of converting PowerPoint presentation to a Word document is a quicker way to create printed hand-outs for   the audience, when the presentation is complete. It enables others to concentrate on the content rather than jotting   down the content.
• Or if you want to easily convert your PowerPoint presentation into a Word document so that you could pass it on to    contacts who don't use PowerPoint? ...

Converting a PowerPoint presentation to Word is a quick and easy process. The conversion will create a Word document containing miniature versions of your slides, either showing your speaker notes shown on the handout pages or with areas for the audience to jot notes during your presentation.

Converting PowerPoint presentations to Word documents can be done in many different ways. One really great feature that PowerPoint offers when it converts your presentation to a Word document is the choice of Paste or Paste Link. Here is the difference.

• Choosing Paste will simply create the handout in the style you have chosen.

Paste Link
• Choosing Paste Link will create a handout in the style you choose as well. However, if the PowerPoint presentation is later edited, the changes will also be reflected in the Word document the next time it is opened. This is not the case when you choose the Paste command.