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Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Design Presentation can cater to all your desktop publishing needs, and can even handle large jobs overnight. Our desktop publishing specialists can format documents such as annual reports, brochures, instruction manuals, magazines, books, tickets, cards, newsletters, advertisements and forms to give your business a professional look.

For many years, Design Presentation has been providing leading organizations with efficient, accurate and cost-effective desktop publishing services. Our company has significant knowledge and expertise in print and electronic desktop publishing (including design, layout, formatting and pre-press services). Our in-house desktop publishing staff is capable of converting a handwritten or typed document to any digital format.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) (Portfolio Samples)
Desktop Publishing(DTP) Sample1 - Before
Desktop Publishing(DTP) Sample1 - After
Design Presentation has been helping leading organizations manage their DTP work by providing efficient, accurate, cost-effective and error-free service.

Magazine Ads Sample -1
Magazine Ads Sample -2
A first impression is one of the most important things in business, when you present work that has been created by Design Presentation, you can be sure your clients will be satisfied.