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1. What is vectorization?
Vectorization is the process of converting raster images/files to AutoCAD and other format files. DesignPresentation starts with a blank document and does the vectorization manually. We manually recreate AutoCAD drawings based on the scanned image. Our AutoCAD output is truly computerized in that it is "vectorized" because we actually redraw it manually from scratch in AutoCAD. We guarantee 99.99% accuracy in the final drawing. We can take your scanned text and convert it into a Word or PDF/Acrobat document that is well formatted, including hyperlinks, etc. Vectorized drawings are easy to store, edit, update and transmit.

2. Can DesignPresentation vectorize scans for me?
Yes, Design Presentation converts raster images (scanned images) to vector files (e.g. AutoCAD).

3. How do I submit my documents, scans, drawings, etc. for conversion?
You can submit your project/files for conversion on-line or send by fax to our toll free fax number 866-283-7796. To submit your project online, please use our online order form.

4. What should be the resolution of the scanned image of the input document?
The most commonly used resolutions range from 200 to 400 dpi. Higher resolution enables us to view more details, but the file size increases accordingly. We feel that usually 300 dpi is sufficient for vectorization purposes.

5. What is a vectorizing unit (VU)?
CAD Design
A Vectorizing Unit represents the time taken to vectorize a drawing. Our pricing is simple and easy to understand. To calculate the pricing for Architectural drawings we first figure out the number of vectorizing units required for the drawing based on its size (see table below):

Drawing Format Size (in inches)
A 9" x 12"
B 11" x 18"
C 18" x 24"
D 24" x 36"
E 30" x 42"
F 36" x 48"

For PowerPoint and PageMaker presentations one vectorizing unit is equivalent to 2 pages/slides.

Typing & Data Entry
For the typing and data entry projects one vectorizing unit is equivalent to 10,000 keystrokes

6. Can I have separate layers for text, dimension, body, etc.
Yes, our AutoCAD output is truly computerized in that it is "vectorized" because we actually redraw it manually from scratch in AutoCAD.

The key advantages of our service are:
• We normally create a drawing as a new file; the final output is editable and will be in DXF or DWG format.
• Since we create a new file, we can create as many layers as you require.
• We generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, and centerlines, etc.
• Text is separated and has its own layer and is recognizable as text.
• Dimensions are intact and are shown by a separate layer.

7. What other conversion formats DesignPresentation can work on?

Catia ArcInfo Adobe Acrobat MS Excel
I-DEAS ArcView Adobe Illustrator MS Word
MDT AutoCAD MAP Adobe PhotoShop PageMaker
MicroStation CAD Overlay CoralDraw PowerPoint
ProEngineer MapInfo QuarkXpress Web Designing
Solid Works Solid Edge and other 2D and 3D CAD software formats

8. How do I buy credits?
You can buy credits using secured on-line PayPal service. You can also pay by credit card, or by sending us a check or wire transfer.

9. How do I contact DesignPresentation?
Please click here.