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House Plan Drafting

Whether you are building a house or selling one, a good houseplan is essential. Design Presentation is a leading provider of houseplans, serving builders and real estate agents.

Our dedication to service, the quality of our houseplans and our affordable prices have made us one of the leading house plan providers in the world.

We also offer 3D renderings, animations and photo realistic computer generated view of your projects. We follow AIA or any other standard you may specify to give you customized drawings for each floor.

A House-Plan provides an overview of a construction site and a house. However, finding a good CAD draftsman to prepare your houseplan is not easy. This is where Design Presentation comes in.

Design Presentation's house plan design service team offers houseplans on a wide range of plot dimensions and with a variety of combinations of construction blocks.

arrowleft We specialize in customizing houseplans with CAD drawings incorporating detailed layouts, cross sections, and     elevations.
arrowleft To enhance the visual experience of the houseplan, you can also have 3D images instead of ordinary 2D views.
arrowleft Our architectural drafting skills are unmatched.
arrowleft State of art techniques are employed to get the best results.

Design Presentation's focus on architectural CAD drafting services, along with our team of experienced experts, makes Design Presentation the best choice for houseplan drafting.

Our custom house plan service consists of the following:
• Site plan
• Floor plan
• Electrical plan
• Details regarding wall sections, building section, etc.
• Door and window plan
• Foundation plan, floor framing plan
• Roof framing plan
• Roof plan
• Building plans
• All exterior elevations

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House Plan Drafting Samples
House Plan Input Samples
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