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We specialize in accurately digitizing electrical drawings for electric power producers and distributors. We work on a wide range of electrical drawings, including:
• Interconnection drawings
• Loop diagrams
• Motor electrical schematics
• Electrical floor plants and panel layouts
• Cable/conduit plans
• Wiring diagrams
• Schematic drawings

Design Presentation has over 1000 customers and serves major corporations such as General Electric, Honeywell, PacifiCorp and US Power Gen. We are able to meet their stringent requirements for raster to vector CAD conversion, CAD drafting services and indexing services.

Electrical schematics Electrical plans and panel layouts  

CAD Conversion Services (Portfolio Samples)
CAD Conversion Sample1 - Before
CAD Conversion Sample1 - After

We can convert any original CAD document to a perfectly accurate and multi-layer CAD design.