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Design Presentation provides clients with high volume, professional and confidential transcription services. We believe that accuracy along with competency in spelling form the basis for quality transcription and that’s why we pay so much attention to minute details of spelling and sentence formation.

We can competently transcribe dictation, research interviews, conference proceedings, speeches, discussion groups, lectures, teleconferences and minutes of meetings. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, academic, or simply someone who needs to get notes typed up, Design Presentation can be a one-stop shop for all your transcription needs. We will provide the solution that you need to get the job done quickly while staying within your budget and without compromising on quality. Email or fax us your requirement.

Our Audio Tape Transcription (ATT) services are available for universities, students, writers, lecturers, companies, seminars, focus groups, forums, conferences, and lectures. Our professional staff of transcription specialists can accept your transcription materials on digital media (WAV file, MP3, or any other format) or through traditional mini-cassette formats.


We are capable of providing transcription services for all types of requirements, including:

arrowleft Arbitrations arrowleft Focus group discussions arrowleft Seminars
arrowleft Conference proceedings arrowleft Interviews arrowleft Screenplays
arrowleft Depositions arrowleft Lectures arrowleft Telephone conversations
arrowleft Dictation arrowleft Memoirs arrowleft Teleconferences
arrowleft Digital sound files arrowleft Meeting minutes arrowleft University interviews
arrowleft Disciplinary hearings arrowleft Press Conferences arrowleft Video tapes
arrowleft Discussion groups arrowleft Radio Programs arrowleft Web casts
arrowleft DSS & WAV audio files arrowleft Research interviews arrowleft Speeches