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TurboCAD Conversion

Design Presentation provides high quality CAD conversion services to the design and construction industry. We can convert scanned plans and images (TIF, JPEG, PDF, ECW, etc.) for use in all CAD programs. Our expert staff is highly skilled in the use of a wide range of CAD software, such as AutoCAD, MicroStation, 2D Model, ArchiCAD, MapInfo, TurboCAD, VISIO, VectorWorks etc.

With TurboCAD’s commitment to interoperability, sharing your files with others and among other programs is never an issue. TurboCAD supports 28 of the most popular industry-standard file formats, including TCW to DWG, AutoCAD’s DWG and DXF, Design CAD’s DCD, MicroStation® DGN, 3DS, IGES, STEP and STL. A newly added feature even supports the export of 3D files into supported PNG and GIF file formats (e.g. Alpha Channel for transparencies).

At Design Presentation, we have extensive experience in TurboCAD (TCW) and AutoCAD (DWG) to TurboCAD file conversions.

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