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Typing & Data Entry

Design Presentation's typing and data entry services utilize advanced technologies to transfer image-based or audio-based formats into digitized forms, which can be used in database and document management systems.We provide typing and data entry services to banks, retail organizations, medical research facilities, universities, insurance companies, mailingservices firms, direct marketing and database marketing firms, newspapers, large corporate enterprises, and trade associations.

We understand that data is the life-blood of an organization, and that typing and data entry services can greatly increase productivity. Accurate and error-free data entry is critical for transaction execution, decision-making and customer support.

Typing & Data Entry (Portfolio Samples)
Input   Output
Typing & Data Entry - BEFORE
Typing & Data Entry - AFTER
We provide high quality, cost-effective and confidential Typing and Data Entry Services.
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We provide high quality, cost-effective and confidential data entry services for following:
arrowleft Accounting/bookkeeping data
arrowleft Mailing list maintenance
arrowleft Surveys (including handwritten and forms design)
arrowleft Databases and directories

We offer our clientele a wide range of data entry services at competitive prices. Email or fax us your requirement today.
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